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An autobiography of ex Japanese traveler published

"this Information is An autobiography of the owner of Sky Tea House, At the moment, it is published only in Japanese, but if it sells well and it catches the eye of publishers from English-speaking countries, I would definitely like to publish it in English as well. If you have any connections, please let me know."

It's been about a year and a half since I started writting my book, and finally I managed to publish which my long desire!

The Book Title is 『2000日の海外放浪の果てに辿り着いたのは山奥の集落の一番上だった』

means in English "It was at the top of the mountain village that I reached at the end of the 2000-day all over the world wandering."

How and why I decided to publish a book

Despite I am even unknown person nationwide, I tried to write it during Corona Pandemic from the spirit of wanting to challenge various things under the few needs of friends saying "I want you to write a book because your story is absolutely interesting". I did it.

I tried to get to major publishers, but it was difficult for me to publish it commercially from a major publisher, so after doing crowdfunding as a self-funded publication, I got an offer from a local(Fukuoka) publisher, 書肆侃侃房 "Shoshikankanbou". Although it is small publish. we team up for it.

What kind of book?

An autobiography of the author Jiro Sakamoto's 36-year half-life(the Owner of Sky Tea House).

"Former Self-Defense Forces" x "Around the World" x "Countryside Migration" x "Opening a Guest House in a deep inside of mountain Village" x"International Marriage in Corona pandemic"

Just in looking for a happiness, the trajectory of 20s who ran through the world, slow life, minimalism, half-farming, half-X, affluence to share, entrepreneurship in the mountains where we arrived, and community building in marginal villages, "real affluence" A non-fiction story that gives people who are looking for a new outlook on life an opportunity to experience it.

・ I quit my 6-year-old workplace(army), dropped out of Japanese society, and embarked on an overseas wandering trip.

・ Cross route 66

・ Working as a dog sledding driver in a town where you can see the northern lights on a Canadian Working Holiday

・ After the 311 Great Earthquake, the budget for traveling to Canada as a charity hitchhiking was donated to Japan, and instead, the continent was crossed only by hitchhiking.

・ Job hunting abroad in Finland

・ Return to Japan by land on the Trans-Siberian Railway

・ Walking the 800km Spanish pilgrimage route

・ Bipassana meditation which you stay in the temple for 10 days and meditate earnestly

・ Complete the 100km marathon in mount ASO

・ Study abroad in Indian yoga, study abroad in Thai massage

・ When I returned to Japan and moved to the countryside and lived in a simple and affluent way, one day I got a house from the mayor of a village in the mountains, and when I opened it as a guest house, it went well.

・ I went to give my tea to Mr. José Mujica, the former president of Uruguay, who I respect most in the world.

・ I got married online and proposed on the second day, and I got international married in half a year, but we are separated for a year due to the corona pandemic (this story is Featured on NHK)


There are too many unique stories, and based on the autobiography that connects these, the reason wh