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We regularly hold events at this guest house. Join us for a workshop on Zen meditation or yoga and thai massage is available too in the mountains, or come to one of our get-togethers. We have barbecues, mochi-making parties, and hot pot dinners.

The atmosphere of this quaint Japanese village is unforgettable. Each season has charming characteristics such as fireflies, cherry blossoms, and the scent of fresh tea. Right outside the guesthouse are terraced rice fields which are becoming rare in this day and age. There is also a beautiful waterfall nearby that’s great to visit on hot summer days.

There are many places to hike near the guest house, but a particularly good area is the grounds of Reiganji Temple. The origins of yamecha are deeply rooted in this temple. The monk who brought tea to Yame once meditated at the top of its cliffs. The cliffs have a very unique shape and are certified as Japan’s three largest rocks. In fact, these formations alone are a popular tourist attraction in Japan. You can see Sky Tree House from the top of them!

For those interested in farm work, please feel free to talk to the friendly couple next door. Their names are Mr. and Mrs. Higuchi. Try out your Japanese by asking them, “kyou wa nanba suttou?” They know a great deal about this area and are happy to converse with travelers. You can also buy their tea and rice as souvenirs!

Travelers are also welcome to help out in the fields and learn about farming in Japan. It’s hard, dirty work, but well worth the effort for cultural experiences and personal connections.

Daikouen Tea Farm has been a family-owned business for over 40 years. They do everything from cultivating tea plants to selling it straight from their factory. Their farm has beautiful traditional Japanese scenery and their tea plants aren’t raised with harsh chemical pesticides. When their work isn’t keeping them too busy, they welcome visitors for tours. (They sell a range of different teas as well as rice they’ve harvested.)

Visitors can rent bicycles for a small fee and ride down the picturesque Kasahara valley. The ride from Sky Tea House to the middle of Kurogi takes about 30 minutes. You can arrange to pick you up then.