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※Direct booking is the cheapest

private room with balcony *  Most popular room
superb view balcony, with western style toilet
1 person 8000 yen  2 people 12000 yen (After that, 4000 yen for each additional person)
up to 6 people can stay, without meals, accommodation tax included)

TV equipped (you can use our Account of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube Premium)
you can use private bath at Balcony 


見出し h1

Double room with work desk
10000 yen for 2 people (room without meals, accommodation tax included)
(This is a queen size bed for couples, so if you are not a couple or need one extra peson with additional 3000 yen, we will set up another simple bed, so please let us know in advance)

Detached private room with desk (for 1 person only)
6000 yen (room without meals, accommodation tax included)
1 week discount 36000 yen 1 month discount 72000 yen


4 Bed Room : 6000 yen for 1 person per night (room without meals, accommodation tax included)
4000 yen for extra person

Dormitory: 4000 yen per person per night
(room without meals, accommodation tax included)
Weekly discount: 24,000 yen Monthly discount: 48,000 yen (30000yen with litttle help)


Cancel policy 

20% 1 week before

50% 3 days before

100% on the day

Camping or sleeping in the car

1500yen for each person

Day visitors

Adult 1500yen

Child 1000yen


Student/child: -500 yen

Free for Infant (in each family, and without Futon)

From second day or repeat customers: -500 yen

For guests who bring personal bedding such as futons and sleeping bags: 500 yen

For guests who come by foot or bicycle: -500 yen

Birthday person get organic Yame cha from owner

About Food

There are only Kutaden restaurant, RakuenBangohan and Izakaya Mikazuki where you can eat nearby. You can bring your own food and cook in the shared kitchen. In addition, we have all kinds of simple seasonings, so please feel free to use them. Tap water is natural water. The manager basically lives here, so if it's a shared ingredient, please use it freely with a simple donation system. You don't need to bring your own tea, water, and rice, as the ones here are more plentiful and better.

・foreign cash, JPY, US dollers, EURO, and neighbors currency aceptable(such as Philippino peso, Korean won, Thai bath, Chinese and Tiwanese yen,etc,,) 

・cash, Alipay credit cards are available

・ Approximately 20 people can stay at Sky Tea House at a time, there are 2 each shared toilet and shower

・ The lowest possible price a night is 1500 yen.

  (Ex: a student is using their own bedding and comes by bicycle)

   and then second night get anther 500 yen  discount.

・Although direct reservations are set to be cheaper than external reservation sites (Airbnb, Booking.oom), if by any chance you find a cheaper setting on an external site, please let us know so we can match the price there.

・ Discounts cannot be applied through third-party booking sites, such as and AirBnB

・ Long term stay, stay 6 night get 1 night for free.  

・ For large groups and event holders, please consult us directly. (Minimum charge: 30,000 yen/night)

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