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Dormitory: 3500/night  (Dormitory style)

Private room with balcony: +3000/night (the best view of this village )

(winter +300yen for house heating for each group)


Student/child: -500 yen

Free for Infant (in each family, and without Futon)

From second day or repeat customers: -500 yen

For guests who bring personal bedding such as futons and sleeping bags: 500 yen

For guests who come by foot or bicycle: -500 yen

Birthday person get organic Yame cha from owner

・Only cash, US dollers acceptable.

・ Approximately 15 people can stay at Sky Tea House at a time, there are 2 each shared toilet and shower

・ The lowest possible price a night is 1500 yen.

  (Ex: a student is using their own bedding and comes by bicycle)

   and then second night get anther 500 yen  discount.

・ 2 person stay at private room with balcony, 3500×2+3000= 10000 yen

・ Discounts cannot be applied through third-party booking sites, such as and AirBnB

・ Long term stay, stay 6 night get 1 night for free.     50000 yen / 1 month

・ For large groups and event holders, please consult us directly. (Minimum charge: 30,000 yen/night)

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