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Tatami Hall

The entrance has a tatami hall that extends through the house. The tatami mats make the warm months comfortable to spend barefoot. During cooler times of the year, a portable heater keeps the space cozy. There is Wi-Fi available here for people who have brought a computer.


From the living room, guests can access a bedroom with bunk beds and a horigotatsu. A horigotatsu is a unique type of heated table which is placed above a sunken part of the floor.  There is another dormitory in a separate building. It is also possible to rent a private room. 

Long stay room

Thanks to many volunteering of crowdfunding project in 2018, now Sky Tea House has long-term stay room.
Oriented for seasonal workers, as summer camp, as artist in residence, we can offer special price for those.
Please contact us directly for more information

Community Tea Space

People can enjoy a 450-meter-high view of Kasahara from the balcony. There is also a lounge with a DVD player and a karaoke machine. The warehouse has been repurposed as a gym with a punching bag hung from the ceiling. Also, there is an artist space with a desk tucked away in the attic. All these unique amenities of Sky Tea House are available for members of the community and guests to use freely.

Common Space

The traditional atmosphere of Japan has not been lost in this house. Guests are welcome to cook meals in the kitchen with a dirt floor. There is a gas stove, cooking utensils, appliances, and basic seasonings. There is also a washing machine and a hair dryer in the shower room. All of these items are available for everyone to use freely.

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