Why don't you live in a Satoyama at a budget share house in the mountains of Fukuoka?

The guest house Sky Tea House was opened in 2017, and two years later, in 2019, another large old folk house is utilized. I run a Satoyama share house. Until now, we have been working with guest houses and share houses to gradually blend in with local people as a place where people can connect with each other. There are also people who are creative, neat in the mountains, and like this place to move. About 6 people have already settled through this share house.

I am aiming for a more budget setting than anywhere else.

Private room 35,000 yen (including rent, utilities, common service, and food share) Shared room 30,000 yen (including rent, utilities, common service, and food share)  

・ WIFI is also available ・ The rent, fire insurance, ward expenses, etc. are borne by the borrower (Sakamoto). ・ There are up to 4 private rooms. If you can't enter or if you are a couple, it will be cheaper if you share it. ・ During the winter when utility bills are high, please pay only for the amount that is higher than usual. ・ We share the cost of ingredients(including the price). ・ Please note that some rain may be leaking because it is cheaper. ・ Humidity, insects and centipedes may occur depending on the season, so we will take measures for each.

others ・ Good sunlight ・ There is also a large storehouse and barn so you can immerse yourself in your creativity. ・ We can show you fields in the garden and fields that can be cleared nearby. ・ Since the migrants share the work of farmers with a shortage of labor, we can introduce the work, as parttime job. Even if you come by yourself, you can eat and eat for the time being.

Also, there are many vacant houses that I (Sakamoto) can introduce to those who want to move, and if you want to buy this house, I will introduce it directly to the owner. There is no such thing, so you can buy it at a great deal.

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事業復活支援金 飲食だけではなく、事業売り上げが下がってることを証明すれば全業種もらえる支援金もあるようです。個人事業だと5ヶ月で50万程。いろんな人と話してるけれど本当に知らない人が多すぎます。 (5か月で50万なので日割りしたら3000円、完全に締め切って今でも一日3万円貰えてる飲食との差は一体何故なんだろうと思いつつ) しかし月次支援金でも申請すれば去年は合計90万くらいもらえてたのに知らな